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TITLE 25 / PART 1 / CHAPTER 265 / SUBCHAPTER L / RULE §265.206

Class C pools and spas that do not have on-site staff primarily responsible for pool and spaoperations, such as lifeguards, shall be tested for disinfectant levels and pH a minimum of one time a day. If a system is used to control disinfectant and pH electronically, and the system has the ability to transmit the mV level, or free chlorine level and pH to the trained and certified operator once a day, sanitizer level and pH shall be measured once a week using a test kit. A reading of the automatic control device shall also be recorded. Cyanuric acid levels shall also be measured once per week.

The provisions of this §265.181 adopted to be effective January 1, 2023, 47 TexReg 8668